Housing Counseling Meeting

Bring the following documents (where you have them) to your Housing Counseling Meeting.

Verification of income for all household members
  • Most recent federal tax return or W2s
  • Pay stubs (two months)
  • Proof of non-work income (alimony, child support, SSI, Social Security)
Documentation of Current Household Expenses
  • Two most recent bank statements
  • Copies of recurring bills (utility bills, car loan payments, credit cards)
  • Evidence of other major expenses such as health insurance, tuition, etc.
Copies of Any Foreclosure Notices or Court Notices Received
  • Foreclosure complaint
  • Sheriff’s Sale Notice
  • Other court notices
Copies of Your Loan Documents for All Loans on Your Home
  • First mortgage
  • Home equity loan (if applicable)
  • Second mortgage (if applicable)
Other important documents that may apply to your situation
  • Current agreements you may already have worked out with your lender
  • Proof of any expected income (from a legal settlement, inheritance, or new job)
  • Letter describing any hardship that led to your financial problems (examples: recent divorce, injury or illness, temporary job loss)